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Stay Tuned with Technologies Sans Frontières



The non-profit organization Technologies Sans Frontières (TSF) – Technology Without Borders – aims to promote all the leading-edge technologies in order to:

  • assist the most impoverished where which they are and from where that they come,
  • give them access to knowledge, formation, goods and services to improve their quality of life and living conditions,
  • support their autonomy in all the fields of the everyday life, such as inter alia, health or education.

Till today we never found a better solution in the long run than education to get out precarious situation or to cut off violence.

However education classically has a substantial cost in teachers, books, slates, chalks, etc and especially in time. A big part of this time-consuming task can be efficiently supported by some new technologies like Internet or learning-by-playing tools.

That’s why TSF has focused its first efforts in two main directions:

  • Connection: stay connected to the external world with SASSIA (Self-Sufficient Affordable Secure Satellite Internet Access for Internetless Areas) project.
  • Contents: Genèse, Knowledge Elicitation Tools, dedicated to experts in order to feed any small machines with their know how without being an IT professional. With these educational contents, disadvantaged people can hope to progress more quickly.