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Medical diagnosis by health professionals with satellite link

Goal › Improve the training of nursing staff by developing a “smart book” with a usable medical knowledge in various situations.


The objective is to improve the training of nursing staff using more rational diagnostic and therapeutic strategies. It addresses the development of a “smart book” with a usable medical knowledge in various situations (in the hands of a nurse in the bush as well as in clinics or in a hospital in the hands of a clinician).

Our proposal is the implementation of a visual programming workshop (toolboxes) to integrate heterogeneous data (databases, spreadsheets, images, sounds, signals, sensors...) within decision-making systems.

The interface allows the application to be drawn by the mouse and run on different targets: PC / Mac, PDA, smartphones, XO laptop, Intel Classmate, mobile phones, web server...

The obtained multimedia application, open to the outside world, communicates with existing applications (telemedicine, suitcases Medesat, Emergesat...) to capitalize the know-how to exploit the data and optimally manage decisions.

Moreover, the data collected could be transmitted by satellite, allowing specialists to focus on the clinical case without having to be present on the spot.

The essential features of MeDiagnoSAT are:

  • friendly: it is not necessary to be a computer scientist to use it;
  • portable, communicating : portable on any type of target (PC / Mac, PDA, smartphones, mobile phones, web server...) and interfaced with existing components (Medesat suitcases, Emergesat, telemedicine...);
  • effective, reliable trainer: adjusting the training tool and reference ideal and its explanatory documents;
  • cheap: compliant to the poor.


CNES Centre National d'Études Spatiales
Thales Alenia Space Thales Alenia Space
MEDES Institut de Médecine et de Physiologie Spatiales
Telespazio Telespazio

Fields of action

This project covers the following domains:


TSF role

  • Technical: choices ICT equipment, languages, telecommunications and software development tools, portability, maintenance
  • Ground feedback: education, training, training, testing, evaluation, technical improvements, telecommunications, tools for updating...